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Posted by Janice Fuhrman on August 23, 2016
The 360-degree view from the enclosed lookout at Coteau des Prairies Lodge was breathtaking. You could see for miles across lush green prairie, fields and grasslands. I watched the skies grow dark while off in the distance random lightning strikes flashed behind the clouds. It was a perfect way to... Read More
Posted by Matt LeMoine on July 10, 2016
Williston is known as the epicenter of North Dakota's oil boom. And a new sporting range is the perfect addition to this western city. The Painted Woods Sporting Range offers sporting clays, five-stand, rifle and pistol ranges. An archery range is expected to open in the fall. I recently had the... Read More
Posted by Cassie Theurer on March 24, 2016
It was time for a date night, and my husband was in charge of planning the night. We had been living in the Bismarck area for about a year now, so there is still much for our family to explore. We’ve heard lots of great things about businesses in downtown Bismarck and my... Read More
Posted by Mike Jensen on March 11, 2016
                      Devils Lake, North Dakota, is a fishing destination unlike anywhere else. I recently had a chance to go ice fishing on the lake and here are five reasons I think ice anglers need to add Devils... Read More
Posted by Heather LeMoine on February 11, 2016
Sakakawea statue at the entrance to the North Dakota Heritage Center. Photo by Sharon Silengo On the North Dakota State Capitol grounds in Bismarck, a 12-foot high bronze statue of Sakakawea and her baby son, Jean Baptiste, stands near the Heritage Center - the state's largest museum. ... Read More
Posted by by Caroline Allan on July 24, 2015
Having never been to North Dakota, I was thrilled to see the Badlands on our itinerary.  As an Ohio native, I sometimes crave mountainous bluffs and peaks (which, unfortunately, there is a shortage of in Ohio), and feel the urge to take in a picturesque valley of which the most talented... Read More
Posted by Kim Schmidt on September 18, 2014
Growing up in a small town, you have a tendency to take it for granted and rarely take the time to explore when you go home to visit. We typically spend time with family but took a tour to see what has changed in the place my husband, Jon, and I grew up and were pleasantly... Read More
Posted by Heather LeMoine on July 18, 2014
My family loves outdoor theater and local musicals have become part of our summertime tradition, including a recent trip to see Shrek at Sleepy Hollow Theatre & Arts Park in Bismarck. Shrek was delightful, funny and perfectly... Read More
Posted by Jason Mitchell on October 16, 2013
When we look at a map of North Dakota, there is a swath that stretches across most of the state from south east to northwest that is a rolling prairie landscape often referred to as the “Prairie Pothole Region.”  Duck hunters and biologists often affectionately refer... Read More
Posted by heather_lemoine on August 21, 2013
A weekend on Devils Lake was on our summer to-do list and it definitely earned a spot back on the list for next summer. There was tubing, skiing, fishing, campfires and smores, kayaking, fishing, ice cream treats, dinner on the deck and did I mention fishing?! Devils Lake is this incredible natural... Read More
Showing 21 - 30 of 38