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rairie dogs are those little barkers found in abundance in western North Dakota. The prairie dog “towns” in Theodore Roosevelt National Park entertain visitors along the park’s scenic drives. It’s when the populations of the little creatures exceed the limits at which their environments can sustain... Read More
North Dakota is the perfect place to practice social distancing while still being able to enjoy activities in the great outdoors. With 70,000 square miles of mostly wide-open spaces, you have room to move around and with a little planning, recreate safely. Most visitor services in the national and... Read More
The North Dakota Tourism Division teams, along with all Department of Commerce staff, are working remotely while state facilities are restricted. The fastest way to contact staff at this time is via email.  Sara Otte Coleman Director  Chris Addison Graphic... Read More
The North Dakota Tourism Division is recommending that visitors verify their destinations are open before traveling. Known major closures include: Visitor centers at Theodore Roosevelt National Park - trails and nature areas remain open North Dakota State Park buildings and overnight facilities... Read More
North Dakota offers great opportunities for travelers to follow their curiosity and enjoy our unspoiled wide-open spaces. We also place the health and safety of our residents and guests as our top priority. While there are no restrictions on travel to or from North Dakota, the state... Read More
Spring has sprung. It’s time to put away the snow skis and break out the water skis … almost. Until then, hike, bike and visit places in the state you’ve only heard about. Follow your curiosity, not the crowd, into the outdoors where getting away from it all has always been the name of the game.... Read More
"I spent 12 years in Minnesota, and I didn’t fish nearly as much as I fish here." It all began with a guided ice fishing trip out on Devils Lake. Rick Smith was a client of Perch Patrol and after visiting, he fell in love with the area. Now Smith is the general manager of Sleep Inn and... Read More
Swiss painter Karl Bodmer was the first artist to go into painstaking detail to accurately capture Native American culture in North Dakota. In the early 1830s, Bodmer painted 81 aquatints, the prints of which can be seen today at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn. The... Read More
Welcome to North Dakota where possibility is as endless as the horizon. This is the land that inspired Theodore Roosevelt to Be Legendary. Today’s travelers and trailblazers find inspiration in the legends of the past, the diverse landscape, endless outdoor experiences and the vibrant, diverse... Read More
As we begin a new decade, it’s time to put aside the memories of what we did or didn’t do in the past and start fresh in our pursuit of lasting memories and experiences. We all get a chance to Be Legendary again, so take advantage of the opportunities. Here are some North Dakota adventures to... Read More
Showing 1 - 10 of 313